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COVID-19: latest federal and cantonal measures

In order to tackle the COVID-19 emergency, the Canton of Ticino has activated an information hotline for companies: 0840 117 112 / 16 April 2021 Coronavirus: Next phase of reopening on 19 April 8 February 2021 Coronavirus: special rules for entering Switzerland These rules apply to all people who are permitted to enter Switzerland. That means […]

Imprese responsabili “Un’iniziativa che soffoca le iniziative”

di Luca Albertoni, Direttore Cc-Ti L’iniziativa in votazione il prossimo 29 novembre ed esposta come “multinazionali responsabili”, si chiama in realtà per “imprese responsabili”. Differenza da non sottovalutare e che deve fare riflettere a fondo, perché significa che le regole supplementari non sarebbero imponibili solo ad alcuni giganti, frequentemente considerati come “poco simpatici”, bensì a […]

STSA Video on the Responsible Business Initiative

The popular vote on the Responsible Business Initiative will take place on November 29, 2020. Here below you will find the video by STSA, in cooperation with LCTA and ZCA. The video is now available on public transport around Switzerland. Watch it and help us by sharing it on social media, with your employees and contacts. […]

STSA Responsible Business Initiative (RBI)

The popular vote on the Responsible Business Initiative will take place on November 29, 2020 and the campaign will start this summer. On that date, the Swiss people will be able to vote for or against the initiative.If the population accepts the initiative, it would still have to be implemented on a statutory level. If the initiative […]

Corner Bank Group

1. What is the core activity of your company? Does your company focus on particular geographic markets? Founded in Lugano in 1952, the Cornèr Bank Group is an independent Swiss private bank group operating on the national market as a full-service bank. Lugano is Switzerland’s third-largest banking centre, after Zurich and Geneva. Active across the […]

AXA expands its team in Ticino

Contribution by AXA. For AXA this year 2020 represents a new challenge. Since June 2019 we have enlarged our team by hiring Simona Busetti who is responsible for broker management in the Italian market. Since the beginning of the year, for the first time in Ticino, we also have a dedicated credit underwriter, Andrea Pugliatti, […]

La LCTA compie 10 anni

Quest’anno la Lugano Commodity Trading Association (LCTA) festeggia il suo 10° anniversario. La LCTA è un’associazione senza scopo di lucro e riunisce operatori che ruotano attorno all’ambito del commercio di materie prime, delle spedizioni, delle assicurazioni e del finanziamento di questo settore. Per commentare la crescita e l’evoluzione dell’associazione abbiamo intervistato il presidente, Thomas Patrick. […]

STSA update on the Responsible Business Initiative

The Responsible Business Initiative: Headstart for the KKS Counter-Proposal in the Conciliation Committee  Following back and forth consultations between the two Chambers (Council of States and the National Council), and with differences still remaining between both of them following the three votes, a Conciliation Committee was formed on June 4. After a fast discussion (only […]

Update on the annual radio-television fee by Serafe

Fabio Regazzi, Member of the National Council, is working to find a solution for companies as regards the annual radio-television fee. He submitted in 2019 the parliamentary initiative “Excluding SMEs from the media fee”. The initiative has been deposited at the National Council on 19 September 2019, then has been approved by the TTC (Transport […]