Titan Bulkers

Stefano Eva

What is the core activity of your company? Does your company focus on particular geographic markets? 

Titan Bulkers is a ship brokerage company headquartered in Lugano and active in the dry bulk business. The company is active in the worldwide market fixing vessels mainly from handy upto ultramax sizes with a particular focus on iron ore, coal, pig iron and scrap products. In order to assist the different traders’ needs, Titan Bulkers can also provide freight coverage for smaller and bigger sizes offering a tailormade approach to all customers.

How do you judge the perspectives of your activity’s market?   

The shipping market is linked to several key factors as the commodity trading flow, global financing, ships’ order-book, politic choices and environmental episodes.. therefore it is not easy to answer. In the recent past years the dry bulk market has been extremely low with several and considerable up and down peaks due to financial crisis, a huge amount of new ships with a resulting available tonnage in excess of the commodity traded and a very limited amount of scrapped vessels. Luckily this negative trend is changed and the market is slightly recovering even though good levels are still far away from the owners’ expectations. I believe that in the near future the market will have a limited positive trend.

For your company, what are the benefits of working in Lugano (Switzerland)?            

The fair taxation is of course one of the main points but most important is the possibility to establish good connections with all the trading and shipping operators located here in Lugano and the cities nearby. Two important hubs like Zurich and Milan give you the possibility to be easily connected with any place in the world.

Your opinion in one sentence to describe LCTA’s activity                      

LCTA is great for networking and helping people to strength the already established relationships or create new ones. LCTA also assist companies with all the formalities for new employees and organize training events/courses to have qualified people in different fields.

March 2019