What is the core activity of your company? Does your company focus on particular geographic markets?

AXA is Switzerland’s leading insurance company and has an ambitious vision: to create freedoms for its customers over and above financial protection and to make a care-free life possible – using innovative products and services, and simple, digital processes. Our 4,400 employees and 2,800 colleagues in 370 general agencies and agencies dedicate themselves to this vision day in, day out.

Credit insurance from AXA offers reliable reinsurance – from the credit check for new customers to the payment of the outstanding invoices. Every credit insurance contract is a solution tailored to the specific company. AXA insures business both in Switzerland and abroad.

In your view, what is the actual trend of your sector?

Today for a company is very important to insure their risks. The international contest is very tricky. Every third bankruptcy is due to the domino effect. The bankruptcy of one customer can have serious consequences for other companies too.

How do you judge the perspectives of your activity’s market?

Perspectives of our activity in the market is good. An increasing number of companies is interested in credit insurance products, to protect their turnover, but also to have better financial solutions. We as insurance company should be ready to understand our clients needs and to propose innovative solutions.

For your company, what are the benefits of working in Switzerland?

Ticino is an interesting market area and in Lugano are based several big companies. Lugano is in the middle of Ticino and it is good for us to be close to our customers.

Your opinion in one sentence to describe LCTA’s activity

LCTA is very active in Lugano and proposes every year several meeting, conferences and opportunities to meet and to discuss about the main problems but also opportunities of the market. I will say: “the good support for every trading company”.

June 2019

Alessia Ponti, Key account manager credit insurance, AXA