24 October 2019

18.15 – 19.15 Evening Event / 19.15 Apéro

Venue: Parkhotel Zug, Industriestrasse 14, 6302 Zug

Improving Performance with rule-based decision making

Systematic trading refers to trading & investing with clearly defined rules that have been tested in advance. Using proper back-test methods, recurring patterns can be identified based on historical data. Instead of relying on the trader’s intuition, all decisions are based on quantitative factors which are not driven by emotions. Especially for institutional market participants, professional software for technical analysis and algorithmic trading is an indispensable tool. David Pieper, Senior Technical Analyst at Tradesignal Ltd., will show in his presentation how to develop, test and improve the risk-return ratio of systematic trading strategies.

Tradesignal Ltd., headquartered in London, enables numerous customers around the world to achieve sustainable trading performance. Companies from the energy and commodities trading sector as well as financial institutions profit from the huge knowledge of the consult-ing company.

David Pieper, CIIA – David Pieper has 20 years of financial market experience. He is currently a consultant and Senior Technical Analyst with Tradesignal Ltd., London, where he serves institutional clients. Prior to Tradesignal Ltd., he spent several years in investment research at Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW), Germany.

Admission: Free of charge

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