Two Half Day Training Courses

Management Training, including Trade Finance, Sanctions and Corporate & Precious Metals

September 5th 2018, 9:30-12.30 / 14:00 -18:00

Venue: Parco Paradiso Hotel, Via Carona 27, 6900 Lugano

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9.30 Welcome coffee

10.00 -12.30 PRECIOUS METALS. Sarah Taylor, Partner, HFW

  • Introduction to forms of financing
  • Loans and Leases – models and best practice
  • Offtake and Refining Agreements – things to watch out for
  • Proceeds of Crime – a case study
  • Concentrates including final and binding certificates, including an explanation of the sample and assay process

12.30-13.30 Lunch


14.00 – 15.00

Corporate Update. Georges Racine, Partner, HFW

  • Taking stock on Swiss corporate governance
  • The role of ISO 31000 and ISO 19600 Standards
  • Economiesuisse’s Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance
  • Has the Lex Minder changed anything?
  • What should be in that Code of Conduct
  • The basic elements of effective compliance
  • The guiding principles of good governance
  • Any reason trading houses should do differently?

15.00 – 16.00

Sanctions and Compliance Update. Sarah Hunt, Partner, HFW

  • Update on Iranian sanctions – where are we now on trading, shipping and banking with Iran?
  • An explanation of the latest EU and US position on Iran and a look into the crystal ball: what can we expect next?
  • Russian sanctions: the latest on sectoral sanctions and how US extraterritorial sanctions affect non-US persons whose counterparties are designated in the way that Rusal was.
  • Answers to questions you didn’t know you needed to ask, including key OFAC FAQs you should be aware of.
  • The impact of sectoral sanctions on trade and ship calls with Venezuela.

16.00 – 16.15 Coffee Break


Credit Support in Trade Finance. Viti Plange, Associate, HFW

  • Corporate Guarantees:
  • What constitutes a guarantee? General Characteristics
  • Forms in which a guarantee may be given: separate stand-alone document, or incorporated within financing document? Pros and cons of each set up.
  • Waiver of defences clause – a walk through some standard provisions found in a waiver of defences clause. What are you accepting and why?
  • Guarantee or indemnity?
  • Potential issues that a company can face by acting as guarantor for an affiliate/subsidiary?
  • Other popular forms of credit support


Insurance. Costas Frangeskides, Partner, HFW

  • Political Risk and Trade Credit: Perils. Risks
  • Key Provisions of Trade Credit Insurance
  • Unfunded Credit Risk Mitigation
  • Eligible Instruments for Unfunded Credit Risk Mitigation
  • Unfunded Credit Risk Mitigation – Practical Issues
  • Insurance Act 2015

18.00 Drinks and networking

Course fee

LCTA Members
Session 1: CHF 300
Session 2: CHF 300
Session 1+2: CHF 500

Non LCTA Members
Session 1: CHF 400
Session 2: CHF 400
Session 1+2: CHF 700


If a participant cannot attend the course, it is possible to be substituted by another person. If the absence is not notified within 5 days from the course, 30% of the fee will be withheld as part of administration costs. No notification at all will imply that the course fee will remain due to full payment, despite the non-attendance of the delegate.

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For more information:, 091 911 51 15.