Lyra Commodities


What is the core activity of your company? Does your company focus on particular geographic markets?

Lyra Commodities SA is a company specialized in pet-coke trading. Pet-coke is a solid fuel derivative of oil refining process, used mainly by cement plants as a cheap combustible with very high calorific value. With our company we focus mainly on Europe, on the Mediterranean area, but we also have clients outside our continent.

In your view, what is the actual trend of your sector?

At the beginning of 2016, our sector faced the crisis with very depressed commodity prices. Now, the market has recovered, though. That notwithstanding, the trend is still not particularly brilliant, as many countries have environmental constraints restricting the import of pet-coke. Thus, we do not see a very positive trend. Nevertheless there are still some markets, where the customers highly appreciate it, being a very cheap and high calorific value fuels. Since it is a derivative product of oil refining, refineries do not grant any particular quality. For this reason, as a trader we always have to find a compromise between the costumers’ needs and this fact.

What are the benefits of working in Lugano (Switzerland)?

Lugano is a small community. Therefore, we find it easy to meet people who work in our same sector. The public sector is very easily accessible. In addition to this, confrontation on all matters, and rules, and taxation are extremely clear, making it possible for market’s player to plan in advance, and avoid risking any unexpected cost or liabilities in the future, like it happens very often in Italy.

Your opinion in one sentence to describe LCTA’s activity

We extremely appreciate LCTA’s activity, as it gives an active support to its members. First of all, by responding to their requirements on all matters, and, in the second place, introducing them to new markets, different players, and opportunities. Moreover, LCTA organizes different networking’s events, which are useful to meet other market’s players, and discuss with them common issues, and our views on the market.