Business Breakfast on a Swiss Tonnage Tax

September 14th 2018, 8:30-10:30

Venue: Chamber of commerce, Corso Elvezia 16, Lugano (6th floor)

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The Tonnage Tax is a tax on profits that can be applied to shipping companies. The tax is determined by the net tonnage of the entire fleet of vessels operated or used by a company.

During the event, the audience will be guided by our experts in order to understand main principle of the Tonnage Tax and what are the implications of its application in Switzerland.


08:30 – 08:40 LCTA Marco Passalia

  • Welcome – LCTA

08:40 – 09:00 STSA Stéphane Graber

  • Why a tonnage tax in Switzerland?
  • Presentation of economic data: Swiss Maritime sector, comparison with EU countries
  • General principles

09:00 – 09:15 MSC Olivier Straub, member of the STSA shipping committee

  • The Swiss tonnage tax project: technical aspects (scope, calculation, cantonal vs. federal taxation, conditions related to flag, …)
  • Compatibility of the Swiss project with international standards defined by the EU (Maritime state aid guidelines) and OECD (un-harmful tax practice)

09:15 – 09:25 LCTA Marco Passalia

  • Developments to date and political situation

09:25 – 09:45 moderated by LCTA, Marco Passalia

  • Q&A Session and exchange

09:45- 10:00 STSA Stéphane Graber

  • Closing remarks: Future timing and milestones, opportunities for action

10.00-10.30 Networking coffee

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