Due to the COVID-19 emergency, the CAS Commodity Professional for the year 2020 has been cancelled.

Vision and Mission

Commodity trading and related services have grown significant in the Swiss economy, and they are expanding even further. Companies are in search of talents, and prospects see opportunities. In cooperation with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, the Lugano Commodity Trading Association (LCTA) and the Zug Commodity Association (ZCA) offer a certificate of advanced studies CAS for commodity professionals. The certificate programme will provide attendants with a thorough understanding of the commodity industry and their characteristics. Knowledge got across will provide employees of commodity firms with detailed skills, enable service providers to better understand their clients, and give graduates the tools to enhance their careers. The CAS Commodity Professional combines theoretical know-how with hands-on learning experience provided by achieved guest speakers. This program prepares the participants to take on management or specialist functions within the commodity industry.

Target group

The CAS Commodity Professional is primarily designed for: Employees and young professionals of companies from the commodity industy, who would like to expand their education in commodity trading. Employees working for service Providers from the commodity industry (e.g. audit, legal, shipping, risk management, insurance, etc.). Those who are considering a career change and would like to work in the commodity industry.

Scholarship offered by the LCTA

Since 2018 the Lugano Commodity Trading Association (LCTA) offers a scholarship opportunity for the CAS Commodity Professional.

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